Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend outing after a long gap

We spent the weekend visiting Chicago downtown with our in-laws. This trip was special for us as we were unable to go out anywhere for the past 20 days. My mother in-law has the arthritis in her knees, so we decided not to strain her much. It was for this reason that she initially refused to come US and it was only after great persuasion that my in-laws accepted to come here. That too under some conditions, only to be with us and not to go much outing or sight seeing.

Remember, I mentioned in my earlier post that we are going to give them a surprise by taking them to the one of the tallest buildings in the world, 'Willis Tower'. While we were going I was telling them about the skyscrapers, difference between the suburbs and the cities, about the great Michigan lake and its Lake shore. That time she was only nodding, but understood the fact, once we entered the city loop.

My mother in-law was speechless seeing the high skyscrapers. We parked the car few blocks away from the Willis Tower and we walked down the streets towards it. At last, reached the 103 floor in a minute, my in-laws were so happy, to see the breath taking view of the city. The city looked full of lights, as if somebody sprinkled thousands of the lights from above.  


After seeing this spectacular view, the very first thing she told me was "You both enjoy the life here many more years and come India later" She couldn't believe that we were in 103rd floor. After few minutes, I took them to the glass balcony, extending 4 feet out from the main building, giving an illusion as if we are in the mid air 1353 feet above from the ground level.  They were so thrilled to see the city from the mid air.

After spending an hours time in the Willis Tower we started back to home.

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