Monday, March 7, 2011

Hello Chennai !

I m back. I will not say I missed this place for 2 years, yet that 11 years of bondage between me and Chennai make me to think a little. In this two years how many changes? I am more amazed to see the new look of Chennai,  new buildings, fly overs, big malls, 4 wheelers, traffic, Oh, the list goes on and on.

Three weeks ago, me and Karthik landed in Chennai International Airport. We rushed to Chennai to see my father-in-law, who got admitted in Apollo. He had a by-pass surgery, so first 2 weeks, we were busy running between Hospital and home. Thanks to God, my in-law is recovering fast.

Last week, we both went to a beautiful Shiva temple in Tirukkachur, roughly 30 kms from Chennai. Tirukachur, looks like a small town. Its an ancient temple must be 1000 years old. We think it has been built by Pallavas, based on the layout and structure of the temple premises. But not sure about that, if any of you know more about this temple, please write to me.
Front view of the temple from outside
It was a very nice experience, as soon as we reached the temple, more than 25 cows were standing before the temple to welcome us. I was very happy to see the cows, inside little scared too. The door of the temple was slightly opened, when we entered, we were the only person inside that big temple, after few minutes, the temple Gurukal came and opened the Swami gate.

The temple have a big pragaram inside, beautiful stupas engraved with different deities. The Shiva, Kachabheswarar and Devi, Anjanakshi. According to the stala puranam, Sundaramurthy nayanaar was visiting this place. He was very hungry, at that time Lord Shiva Himself went for Bikshai and fed Sundarar.

Though the temple is having a lot of inner beauty within, its lagging a lot in the external beauty. We spent an hour there, hardly we saw 2 or 3 people in the temple. Near the main entrance so many wooden planks were lying on the ground. After dusk, we were little scared to go pradakshanam out side the temple.

Wish some big sponsors will undertake the temple and replinish its outer beauty and do a Kumbabishegam to the temple.