Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Getting Passport

Everybody wishes to go abroad once in our life time.
Though the passport is not useful now for you but you will need one time, where it will be difficult to get at that moment (I faced this problem, so pls take my suggestion :-)

Getting a Passport is a very easy thing. But we little hesitate to spend the time to get it, knowing that some agents are there to help us and not going in a proper channel. Also spending so much money to the agents to get the same. I spent Rs.2000 to get my passport, where as a guy (who i met in the passport office ) spent Rs.5000 and another couple spent Rs.2500 each and so on on on ............... List will not end at all.

http://passport.gov.in/ --- Using this link we can get into our passport site where all the details have been given very clearly.

The applicant should have their Mark sheets, Address proof documents, Marriage certificate (if married), Transfer Certificate for age proof
That's it if you have all the documents right then you can get the Passport very easily. Kindly make sure you have all the required details. If not don't blame me :-)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ven pongal in US

Pongal -- Its a divine food, in my Hubby's Dictionary

Its True...
Pongal is a south Indian dish, specially in Tamilnadu. Almost in all south Indian temples Pongal is given as Prasadam, which really tastes so divine even if it is not having much more added ingredients like Ghee, Cashew nuts etc. This is also one of the main item in the menu card in all the hotels (Chinna Petti kadai and also in the big hotels).
This Ven Pongal is my aathukkar's favourite food. He will like to eat any time and any day. Best funny thing i don't like pongal (Suthamma pidikadhunu illai, romba ishtapattu sabdamatein). Will eat if there is no other go for me. This i did in US for my hubby.
Find below the recipe for the same.

Rice -- 1 cup
Moong dal -- 1/2 cup
Black Pepper -- 2 table spoons
Cumin seed -- 2 table spoons
salt -- To taste
Ghee -- 2 table spoon
Curry leaves
Black pepper powder -- to taste
Oops, sorry missed out water, 4 times the rice and Moong dal i.e 6 cups

How I did the pongal with above ingredients
  1. Mix rice and moong dal and washed it
  2. Took the pressure pan add the rice and moongdal.
  3. Put the Black pepper, cumin seed, salt and curry leaves, add water
  4. keep for almost 6 whistle in the pan
  5. After the pressure gone, open it and see whether rice is smashed well. (if not pls keep for some more whistles.... Thank God yenakku nalla kozhangi vandhudu :-) )
  6. Then took a frying pan, heated the ghee and added the pepper powder. (Inga yenna comedy-na i will always take the pepper powder from hotel cupboard. Anga naan yeduthu yeduthu ippo powder-re illa ???)
  7. Heat it and just add to the pongal.

That's it my Yummy pongal is ready. Honestly it was not tasted bad. If you want, you can try this and also pls add Ginger in the pongal it will give more taste. Hey... if you are not in any diet you can even put cashews in it.

Reviews and comments on this pongal is invited. And if anybody really want to take the above risk pls write it to me, if possible i will send this in courier, coz i m still having it with me, Ha...ha.. ha.....

Enjoy and have fun

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meeting My Husband

In the Chicago Airport, after immigration and checking was over, i collected the big baggage and entered the visitors area. Before coming out actually i was praying, " My sweet God, pls help me in identifying my husband. I might overlook him and go some where, because i totally forgot his face ". Even i told about this to him also, hope he was prepared for that. Honestly i don't know what preparation he did for this.

Good thing was he was not there (God answered my prayer). He called and asked me to wait in the lobby. Hurray............ I identified him as soon as he entered (Thanks a lot for your appreciations). Met him at last

Now,I pinching myself is it me in US with my sweet heart.

First experience in the Flight

My sweet hubby sent the air ticket thru mail. I can't believe my self that i should travel the same night. Till that morning i did zero packing. Totally confused what i should take and what not. My aathukaar was telling not to bring anything.He gave me so many tips to make my journey pleasant, as usual i was pulling him and not taking any of his words. Oru vazhiya before 9 O'clock night we finished packing. As the time nearing all the rats started growling in my stomach. Konjundu bayama irrunduthu. Anyways i can't do anything. I have to start.

Flight time - morning 5.30 am (next day) so i have to be in the airport at 2.30 am mid night. (Mid night or early morning ????) I slept nicely for 2 hours and started freshly to airport. My Appa (In-law) and brother accompanied me. Fact is they both were looking tensed. I became alright and was thinking only one good thing.............. " I am going to meet my sweetie the next day "

One of my baggage was over weighing (Yellam ivarukaga norrukies thaan... nothing much). I did shuffling there and checked again and found ok. Went to the check in counter and successfully got the boarding pass. Pity thing here was i am not able to push the trolley instead it was pulling and dragging me.
After saying a big bye to both i started my journey. Absolutely I didn't had any problem in the plane. Slept nicely, heard some good swamiji songs and speech, started reading 'Sivagamyin sabadam'. Appadi.....after 10 hrs journey we landed in London, Heathrow airport. Here i met a chennai appa, amma who also coming to Chicago. After 3 hours we all boarded in another flight for Chicago. My god the food is pathetic in this plane. One guy was sitting next to me. I didn't like him don't know why :-( Travelled again for 9 hours, Ingayum slept nicely (No other go, so only).
Thank God ............at last we reached Chicago, O'Hare airport, I called everybody and announced that i reached safely. Here i have to thank my uncle, because he only made me to activate international roaming in my mobile at the last moment.
Now I'm waiting for my Husband