Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First experience in the Flight

My sweet hubby sent the air ticket thru mail. I can't believe my self that i should travel the same night. Till that morning i did zero packing. Totally confused what i should take and what not. My aathukaar was telling not to bring anything.He gave me so many tips to make my journey pleasant, as usual i was pulling him and not taking any of his words. Oru vazhiya before 9 O'clock night we finished packing. As the time nearing all the rats started growling in my stomach. Konjundu bayama irrunduthu. Anyways i can't do anything. I have to start.

Flight time - morning 5.30 am (next day) so i have to be in the airport at 2.30 am mid night. (Mid night or early morning ????) I slept nicely for 2 hours and started freshly to airport. My Appa (In-law) and brother accompanied me. Fact is they both were looking tensed. I became alright and was thinking only one good thing.............. " I am going to meet my sweetie the next day "

One of my baggage was over weighing (Yellam ivarukaga norrukies thaan... nothing much). I did shuffling there and checked again and found ok. Went to the check in counter and successfully got the boarding pass. Pity thing here was i am not able to push the trolley instead it was pulling and dragging me.
After saying a big bye to both i started my journey. Absolutely I didn't had any problem in the plane. Slept nicely, heard some good swamiji songs and speech, started reading 'Sivagamyin sabadam'. Appadi.....after 10 hrs journey we landed in London, Heathrow airport. Here i met a chennai appa, amma who also coming to Chicago. After 3 hours we all boarded in another flight for Chicago. My god the food is pathetic in this plane. One guy was sitting next to me. I didn't like him don't know why :-( Travelled again for 9 hours, Ingayum slept nicely (No other go, so only).
Thank God last we reached Chicago, O'Hare airport, I called everybody and announced that i reached safely. Here i have to thank my uncle, because he only made me to activate international roaming in my mobile at the last moment.
Now I'm waiting for my Husband

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