Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Getting Passport

Everybody wishes to go abroad once in our life time.
Though the passport is not useful now for you but you will need one time, where it will be difficult to get at that moment (I faced this problem, so pls take my suggestion :-)

Getting a Passport is a very easy thing. But we little hesitate to spend the time to get it, knowing that some agents are there to help us and not going in a proper channel. Also spending so much money to the agents to get the same. I spent Rs.2000 to get my passport, where as a guy (who i met in the passport office ) spent Rs.5000 and another couple spent Rs.2500 each and so on on on ............... List will not end at all.

http://passport.gov.in/ --- Using this link we can get into our passport site where all the details have been given very clearly.

The applicant should have their Mark sheets, Address proof documents, Marriage certificate (if married), Transfer Certificate for age proof
That's it if you have all the documents right then you can get the Passport very easily. Kindly make sure you have all the required details. If not don't blame me :-)

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