Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend outing after a long gap

We spent the weekend visiting Chicago downtown with our in-laws. This trip was special for us as we were unable to go out anywhere for the past 20 days. My mother in-law has the arthritis in her knees, so we decided not to strain her much. It was for this reason that she initially refused to come US and it was only after great persuasion that my in-laws accepted to come here. That too under some conditions, only to be with us and not to go much outing or sight seeing.

Remember, I mentioned in my earlier post that we are going to give them a surprise by taking them to the one of the tallest buildings in the world, 'Willis Tower'. While we were going I was telling them about the skyscrapers, difference between the suburbs and the cities, about the great Michigan lake and its Lake shore. That time she was only nodding, but understood the fact, once we entered the city loop.

My mother in-law was speechless seeing the high skyscrapers. We parked the car few blocks away from the Willis Tower and we walked down the streets towards it. At last, reached the 103 floor in a minute, my in-laws were so happy, to see the breath taking view of the city. The city looked full of lights, as if somebody sprinkled thousands of the lights from above.  


After seeing this spectacular view, the very first thing she told me was "You both enjoy the life here many more years and come India later" She couldn't believe that we were in 103rd floor. After few minutes, I took them to the glass balcony, extending 4 feet out from the main building, giving an illusion as if we are in the mid air 1353 feet above from the ground level.  They were so thrilled to see the city from the mid air.

After spending an hours time in the Willis Tower we started back to home.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Varalakshmi Pooja and Avani Avittam

Last Friday, we celebrated Varalakshmi pooja here in Chicago. This is the first pooja after my wedding, last year I did Varalakshmi Pooja but didn't have Amman face with me. This time, my in-laws brought all the things required for the Nombu and Avani Avittam.

At my home, we all like this Pooja a lot. Maybe because this marks the start of the festival season.
My sister and Mom make Garlands for Devi using all kind of flowers. Also they will stitch 'Jadai' with flowers, specially with Thazham poo for Amman. My sister's kolams would light up our home. My active part in all these things was very minimal, I don't like to spoil their good work.
Here me and my mother in-law did everything. Though I missed my home a little, still everything was good. We did the pooja in a grand way.
Didn't miss out anything for Prasadam. Initially I struggled a little to complete this whole menu, after a while by Swamiji's blessing and Devi's Grace everything turned out well. In the evening we invited some of our neighbours to take Thambulam.

On Tuesday, we celebrated Avani Avittam also.
My husband's friend Sudharshan also joined us. My father in-law recited the slogam and they both followed him, since both were in hurry to go office, they both misspelled the slogams. It was hilarious to see both. They both were like school kiddos, copied each other actions. Somehow they managed and hurried to office.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Month of Fun

For the past one month I am enjoying a lot with my in-laws. Daily cooking and eating a lot :)) If I step on a weighing machine hope the pointer will show the extreme point in its scale.
In my earlier post I have been telling you the places which I visited along with my in-laws. This is also a continuation of it.

One Saturday we went to Lake Geneva, a small resort town in Wisconsin, exactly an hours drive from our place. The day before the picnic, I did my all time favorite oats cookies for the trip. Luckily, the weather was on our side and it was a nice sunny day. After going around the town a couple of times we managed to find a parking near a park. After having our lunch in the car, we went to lake shore for a Boat ride.

My in-laws enjoyed every moment.

After an hour boat ride, we both played a while in the park and started back to home.

On Sunday, we went to a park nearby our place, called Busse Woods forest preserve. A surprise awaited their for them. We took them for a short hike in one of the park's hiking trails. My mother in-law  

As you can see below in the photo the trail runs through some pretty dense woods. It took some convincing to get my mother in-law on to the trails

More things are there to share with you all. Will meet you in my next post.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Days with my inlaws

From the day my in-laws landed in Chicago, me and my husband trying our best to keep them engaged and entertained. Making them not to feel bored or to miss any reality shows which featuring almost in all channels now a days.

Daily we go to a lake near by our place for a walk, couple of days we enjoyed a moon lite walk also. They are enjoying a noise less, pollution less, fresh air here.

First weekend, we took them to a Balaji temple in Lemont, which is 50 miles away from our place. We planned our drive to the temple in such a way that we just touch the Downtown loop. They were so happy and amazed to see the sky lines. Since I always like Sears tower, I was overwhelmed and started telling many incidents we enjoyed near the tower and all places. Shhhh.... secret, we are planning to take them for 102nd Floor in sears tower, we didn't tell them yet.

Sears tower in the background, A nice click from my father in-law.

One evening we took them to another beautiful small lake. Along with them we enjoyed a superb sunset in the lake front.

Another weekend, Guru poornima day, we all went to Chinmaya mission and attended a Pooja and went to a temple.

Apart from the outing in the evening and weekends, we are having a good time at home in the day time. Daily we all watch Mahabaratham in YouTube. We talk about our Swamiji and His preachings.

Also I am cooking different new dishes at home and entertaining them with healthy and tasty foods. Want to know what I am doing ?, pls visit Preethibhojan where I am updating all the new recipes which I am trying and surprising my in-laws.

We are not taking only to the temples in the weekend, will update you more in my nest post.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer Holidays - First long weekend trip

I didn't update this for quite long time... Fact is, I was not busy but my Laptop was very busy. Now we bought one more Laptop at home for our in-laws :)) I am using the new one. LOL !!!

Let me brief you about our third day trip and finish this looooooooooooong story. Even I am also feeling bit bored to write so obviously you people also think the same. Third Day, we went to Pittsburgh.
First went to the famous Venkateshwara Temple, as you all know it is one of the earliest temples built in US. After having good darshanam, had nice prasadam there, Pulisadam, Thayir sadam, Pongal, Sambar etc...

From there, we went to another downtown and Enjoyed the famous Duquesne Incline.
The Duquesne Incline is a inclined plane railroad, or funicular, located near Pittsburgh's South Side neighborhood and scaling Mt. Washington. It was completed in 1877 and is 800 ft long, 400 ft in height, and is inclined at a 30 degree angle. It is an unusual gauge.
Originally steam powered, the Duquesne Incline was built to carry cargo up and down Mt. Washington in the late 1800s. It later carried passengers, particularly Mt. Washington residents who were tired of walking up footpaths to the top. Inclines were then being built all over Mt. Washington (From Wikipedia)

Thats all... Our trip ended nicely. Around 11 AM CST we started from there and reached Chicago at night 10'clock. On our way back, varuna bagavan started to pour without a break. So we took a break for around 45 min from the rain on the highway itself. Almost everybody pulled off to the shoulder.Still the drive was enjoyable and we reached safely, happily.