Thursday, August 26, 2010

Varalakshmi Pooja and Avani Avittam

Last Friday, we celebrated Varalakshmi pooja here in Chicago. This is the first pooja after my wedding, last year I did Varalakshmi Pooja but didn't have Amman face with me. This time, my in-laws brought all the things required for the Nombu and Avani Avittam.

At my home, we all like this Pooja a lot. Maybe because this marks the start of the festival season.
My sister and Mom make Garlands for Devi using all kind of flowers. Also they will stitch 'Jadai' with flowers, specially with Thazham poo for Amman. My sister's kolams would light up our home. My active part in all these things was very minimal, I don't like to spoil their good work.
Here me and my mother in-law did everything. Though I missed my home a little, still everything was good. We did the pooja in a grand way.
Didn't miss out anything for Prasadam. Initially I struggled a little to complete this whole menu, after a while by Swamiji's blessing and Devi's Grace everything turned out well. In the evening we invited some of our neighbours to take Thambulam.

On Tuesday, we celebrated Avani Avittam also.
My husband's friend Sudharshan also joined us. My father in-law recited the slogam and they both followed him, since both were in hurry to go office, they both misspelled the slogams. It was hilarious to see both. They both were like school kiddos, copied each other actions. Somehow they managed and hurried to office.

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