Monday, August 16, 2010

Month of Fun

For the past one month I am enjoying a lot with my in-laws. Daily cooking and eating a lot :)) If I step on a weighing machine hope the pointer will show the extreme point in its scale.
In my earlier post I have been telling you the places which I visited along with my in-laws. This is also a continuation of it.

One Saturday we went to Lake Geneva, a small resort town in Wisconsin, exactly an hours drive from our place. The day before the picnic, I did my all time favorite oats cookies for the trip. Luckily, the weather was on our side and it was a nice sunny day. After going around the town a couple of times we managed to find a parking near a park. After having our lunch in the car, we went to lake shore for a Boat ride.

My in-laws enjoyed every moment.

After an hour boat ride, we both played a while in the park and started back to home.

On Sunday, we went to a park nearby our place, called Busse Woods forest preserve. A surprise awaited their for them. We took them for a short hike in one of the park's hiking trails. My mother in-law  

As you can see below in the photo the trail runs through some pretty dense woods. It took some convincing to get my mother in-law on to the trails

More things are there to share with you all. Will meet you in my next post.

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