Thursday, August 5, 2010

Days with my inlaws

From the day my in-laws landed in Chicago, me and my husband trying our best to keep them engaged and entertained. Making them not to feel bored or to miss any reality shows which featuring almost in all channels now a days.

Daily we go to a lake near by our place for a walk, couple of days we enjoyed a moon lite walk also. They are enjoying a noise less, pollution less, fresh air here.

First weekend, we took them to a Balaji temple in Lemont, which is 50 miles away from our place. We planned our drive to the temple in such a way that we just touch the Downtown loop. They were so happy and amazed to see the sky lines. Since I always like Sears tower, I was overwhelmed and started telling many incidents we enjoyed near the tower and all places. Shhhh.... secret, we are planning to take them for 102nd Floor in sears tower, we didn't tell them yet.

Sears tower in the background, A nice click from my father in-law.

One evening we took them to another beautiful small lake. Along with them we enjoyed a superb sunset in the lake front.

Another weekend, Guru poornima day, we all went to Chinmaya mission and attended a Pooja and went to a temple.

Apart from the outing in the evening and weekends, we are having a good time at home in the day time. Daily we all watch Mahabaratham in YouTube. We talk about our Swamiji and His preachings.

Also I am cooking different new dishes at home and entertaining them with healthy and tasty foods. Want to know what I am doing ?, pls visit Preethibhojan where I am updating all the new recipes which I am trying and surprising my in-laws.

We are not taking only to the temples in the weekend, will update you more in my nest post.

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  1. Great pics and glad to u know u r enjoying as well they ..gud going gal


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