Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthyday to Swamiji

Last week we celebrated our beloved Swamiji's Birthday.

Having a Guru in our life is really a Great Blessing from the God. Swami Shanthananda Saraswathi was born on 7th April 1934. His approach was all-embracing and his ideology simple
"Follow any path, religion or doctrine, but believe in it sincerely, because the sincerity of your belief will illuminate and guide you to the ultimate common goal - GOD " He taught the universal message found in all religions and scriptious; - Love for God and Service to Mankind.
(above quote from Annalakshmi website :

This year in Johor Bahru, Malasyia, they all celebrated His birthday as a three day function. Though we didn't attend the function we all received His Blessings
Hai Om !

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