Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cardigan story

Couple of weeks ago my Husband took me to downtown to get me a cardigan.
Very Sweet of him !!!

God, thats an interesting story, we went to many shops to buy a nice cardigan matching to my lavender color Benetton tee. Unfortunately nothing was good, till now I didn't buy anything  :((
I am frustrated and decided not to wear that top till I buy one (This resolution is for very short period. Ha,ha,ha...waiting for a good cardigan)

Even though I didn't get what I want, My hubby bought a nice, Fanta coloured 'burn out effect' top. Also we got a chance to have a glimpse of  "Macy's Flower Show". It was fantastic. The whole shop was looking colorful and created a festive mood. It was like a welcome party for the Spring season. I was very happy to see the flowers after 6 months of Snow.

When we are heading to the Metra station we saw a huge crowd standing with cameras outside the 'Ford Theater'. Big curiosity mounted up within us, we also took out our camera and waited for the VIP to come. After waiting in the mild chill weather for 30 min, first couple arrived in a big black color Limo.

After few more minutes another VIP, Star of the show arrived in a big black SUV.
Tan dadan taadaan ...... (Background music) He is none other than  'Elton John '

Everybody was shouting, cheering . A moment I felt i m not missing Chennai for these kind of things. I tried hard to capture his face, he was so busy so went inside the theater.
Hope he will meet us after fixing up an appointment with us... :))))

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