Monday, April 5, 2010

Archaeological Mueseum

Last week we went to a Archaeological Museum, called Oriental Institute Museum. Amazing one !!!

This Institute was founded in the year 1919, by Chicago University to do research on ancient civilization. In places  like, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Turkey etc.
It was quite interesting to see all those ancient cultures which were more than 5000 years old.

We were so thrilled to see their seal used while trading, Do you want to know why ???
In the big seal, we saw Indian elephant, Rhinoceros, crocodile. (click the image to see clearly)

In particular, I was so keen in knowing about the textile things : The weights, spindles ad the needles they used to weave the garment, the materials they used and its purpose.

After seeing this idol, we were bit surprised to see ancient way of worshopping . Is it not looking exactly  like our God ,Lord Venketaswara.
These are some of the most famous artifacts in the museum which they took it from Iran.

Hm... we had very good time there... Though it was a small building we spent so many hours in reading all the details in it.
Thinking very soon we will see our civilization like this museum !!!

To know more about this institute pls check this site :

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