Monday, March 29, 2010

Tired after searching....

Have you heard anybody becoming tired after searching / browsing a lot of websites ???
If your answer is ' No ' then here I am !!! if  ' Yes ', you can very well add my name in that list... Want to know why i am tired soooo.... much.

Here starts the story, After seeing so many blogs daily (hehehe... of course food blogs) I felt my earlier scrapbook design template was little childish. So wanted to make bit brighter and add little spice and life to my blog.

Friday : I started to do some code and picture changes in my earlier template, and the result = ended badly with good headache. (Good and Bad !!!!). Didn't give up, selected a good background and used it on the pre-existing template of It was OK, still not up to the mark :( , more over all the archives, abt me, followers details went down
Once My Hubby was back I showed him what I ended up with ... he promised me that he will help me

Saturday : Morning first thing I took the template again...We both wanted to bring all the personal details to my right side column, again we can't able to do that. Tried sometime and went out for drive to Downtown. (Wow... that was very good, went there after 6 months. Had dinner out.)

 Sunday : Search, search, search.... Almost whole day I was searching for some good templates, think I would have tried minimum 25 - 30 templates first to position all the details. Got bored off, went out for Indoor Gardening Shopping. Got some seeds and Tulip plant :))

Monday : Its today, some how manage to get all the things in the right place and also found out some good templates. Wish i can fix it today. Wish me luck !!!

Now you all knowI am tired...

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  1. good try.morethan the template i like butterfly.


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