Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Food Mela for a cause

Last Sunday, we have organised a South Indian Food Mela at our home for a charitable cause. We just invited very few friends from our apartment. Around 14 members gathered and we all had bit fun....

I cooked some South Indian dishes like
---- Kanchipuram Idli
---- Coconut Chutney
---- Onion Chutney
---- Sambar Rice
---- Coconut Rice
---- Curd Rice
---- Beans Curry
---- Vatha Kuzhambu
---- Paal Payasam

Sudharshun helped me and did
---- Pachadi
---- Mango Pickle
---- Appalam

Hope all enjoyed the food a lot . They all generously contributed a lot for the Shivanjali Trust... We both felt very happy and more Thankful to all !!!

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  1. It is very nice to read about the idea behind it. Good. GOD bless you all.

    Hari Om


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