Tuesday, May 26, 2009

US trip preparation -- to meet my Hubby

On a fine day our wedding happened with the more enthu and fun. Though physically our guru (Swamiji) was not there he filled his presence with in all. All are relatives and friends attended the wedding and blessed us. We both started our life journey happily.

Kalyanam mudinju 2 weeks-la, yen aathukaar left Me (and India) and flew down to Chicago for his new project. I couldn't join him on the same day b'coz I didn't had my passport !!! (Passport irundhalum naan poiyirruka maatein, Idhu chumma oru build up..... Ha ha ha)
Ivar kelambina next day-lirundhu my preparatory work started to join him. In that process we had more twists and turns, me and Appa (Yen Mamanaar, but i will call him as appa) enjoyed a lot.

First step -- Getting Passport

To get the passport quickly (in a weeks time), oru passport agent pudichu yella details-um koduthom. He took his own sweet time, after a week he submitted all details and got a web appointment date. Date partha....... end of next month !!! That time only we realized indha web appointment vellaiya naangale net-la pannirukallam :-?

Now comes first twist in our work .... we found a mistake in our marriage certificate (yen amma name-la extra one word yen appa namela irundu ottindruthu), we were little panic yeanna if that to be corrected then it will take six more month (Paavum namma government idha change panna athanai nallu venumam, pls don't say anything wrong about our government).

We were little confused and don't know how to proceed further. Don't want to ask the agent and also not to continue with him (Yengalavida andha agent-uku yenga torture thaangala). From a known source we got another agent to get passport quickly. Iduke we lost almost 2 weeks.

This agent, so far good. One fine day,he asked us to come to the passport office to pre-pone the appointment date. When we were about to leave the house a call came, tring tring, tring tring....agent in other side, said " the office is closed as there is an internal strike, so pls come tomorrow with your details ". After confirming with other persons, on the same day we went to the office and found a longggggggggggggggggg queue. Luckily agent punniyavan in the periya queue-la oru chinna place pudichivechi irundhar. After sitting there for 2 hours, slowly one officer came and without asking any details he just pre-poned the appointment date. Idhuku nadula to show my Mom's actual name (Instead of correcting in the original Marriage certificate ) the new agent gave some more stamped papers.

FYI -- Still nobody knows when i will get the corrected marriage certificate

Here we lost again a week.

On the appointment date......My uncle who know the passport officer well, told us that he will take to the officer and get the passport soon. While we were in half the way my uncle called and asked us to postpone the appointment for next 2 days. Naanum Appavum Munn vaitha kaalai pin veikakudadhunu, went to Passport office. We were standing in the queue for 5 hours.

Inside the office ..... Oh God.........there is no proper guidance to tell the applicant where to go, what exact papers one should bring. No place to sit, no air, no ventilation, such a disgusting place. The staffs in that office should undergo a training - how to treat the applicants, learn some respects or patience to talk. God pls tell us when this change will happen ????

At last the officer reviewed all the documents and confirmed to dispatch the passport on mid of next week
Hurray hurray ................got a confirmation about my passport.
Thank god :-) oru vazhiya passport 10days-ku appuram kailla vandhuduthu.

PS : Earlier in takkal if we apply passport, we will get maximum in a weeks time. Hm... for me it took almost 25 days !

VISA Process

Here me and appa didn't had any problem. From now on my Chella hubby started his work to get the VISA.He filed all the papers thru his office and got the appointment date for my Visa interview after 20 days . Here we don't know who to blame b'coz the process was not delayed anywhere but the time was going in jet speed.

In the course of time i went to my home town twice, enjoyed a good long trip with my in-laws and attended 2 eye operations, Yen chella maruman parthuten. Learnt a bit to cook, samayal senji I troubled my in-laws a lot. Solla ponna i was engaged fully the whole 50 days.But missed my sweet heart very badly :-(

When my hubby left he wanted me to be with him in the next 15 days but it so happened that after 50 days i met him

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