Monday, October 11, 2010

A week out in a Farm

Back into my world... HGTV and Food Network. Shows are running back to back in TV and I m with my laptop. What to say friends, past two months I had a very good time with my in-laws. After having our lunch we three used to sit and watch our great epics Mahabaratham, Ramayanam aired in our great Doordharshan. Celebrated few festivals, cooked lot new dishes...Oh, those days were memorable good days. Now, me and my husband are little bored in weekends. Since the weather is changing dramatically, we dropped our weekend trail plans which we were doing earlier in the summer.

A week ago, one of my friend suggested about Apple picking. So we planned our trip to a farm on a nice warm Sunday. After many days we went out for a drive about 50 miles from our place. Excitement caught both of us, I was asking many questions to my husband. I was dreaming me picking apples from the trees. On our way we enjoyed the fall colours in small towns.

When we reached the farm, we were utterly disappointed to see the information board. 'Corn maze, fun activities for children, Pumpkin patch are open. Sorry, No apple picking'. Yet, we had a great time there. Come, let me show you how we enjoyed.

Took a maze challenge and entered inside a corn maze. It was a real challenge to us. Though we had a map of the corn maze, it was confusing a lot. First time inside corn field. Had good fun.

Also went to Pumpkin patch and plugged a nice big butter squash fresh from the field.

Had a fresh caramel apple at their cute little store and came home happily with a bag of fresh honey crisp apples. How these apples turned into a more edible form my husband is the story for another day.

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