Thursday, November 11, 2010

Deepavali Celebration at home

As soon as we get the New Year calender, the first thing we look is for our Birthday and the next thing is obviously Deepavali. If anybody is saying No, they are fooling themselves. Ok, it doesn't matter whether you agree or not, the point is Deepavali. It is always fun.

Deepavali, always a big celebration at our home. It starts two days before the deepavali day and lasts till the next day. Since we all three, me,my Sister and my brother stayed away from our parents, we try to make sure that we come home a day earlier and help mom in bakshanam preparation. As I mentioned in my earlier post my mom will do lots and lots of sweets and savouries we all sit and help her. The actual fun part is that for us. We all sit and talk more about our works, friends, cracks joke, sometime get motherly scolding also :)) All for good...


The day before deepavali is the actual pandigai for us. My mom will cook a big feast for dinner. My dad will fill the water tank and tubs with water, also keep Chandhanam and Kumkum as a ritual. I still don't know actual reason behind it May be since we are getting early in the morning around 4.00 am, we should not disturb others, like running the motor or draw water from the well and make any screeching noise.

Our ancestors were great, they made some unwritten laws to follow which are very good to us till today.
Getting up early on deepvali day, taking a nice herbal oil bath, greeting people, going to temple, enjoying the crackers, sharing the joy by exchanging sweets, lighting up the whole house.Oops, I forgot to mention one main thing its Deepavali Legiyam or Marunthu. This is one of the finest thing our ancestors passed to us.

On Deepavali day, after having nice oil bath, the first thing my mom give to all is a spoonful of Legiyam. When we were kids, we hesitate to eat , so she will give our favorite sweet in another hand. Even now nothing has changed in our house. I missing them a lot...

Now a days, I don't see anybody enjoying like this. Everybody is addicted only to Television and buy sweets from outside . All the channels compete with each others and airing all new films, some talk shows with somebody, in the name of debates one will make fun out of his wife and mom in public. Its like everybody is tied up with TV. Thank God, we are not gone that bad.

I am praying God that this should change. People should spend time with family and friends, other than watching TV crap. Wish they should enjoy the Deepavali as we enjoyed.

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