Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Holidays -- First long weekend trip

Friday morning, my hubby, Karthik went to office and promised to come early. Sudharshun, good boy didn't go to office at all and one more friend, also joining us in the trip. His name is Thani and this was his first long trip in US. I was busy in lot of preparation. Do you want to know what I prepared for this trip, pls check here. By 3.00 pm we all started. For the first time Karthik and myself sat in the back. Yes, Sudharshun was driving the car.

We were struck in heavy traffic for the first two hours. Karthik knew this before, so he said he will drive after taking first break. Poor Sudharshun. Once we crossed Chicago, the traffic was normal. Our first stay point is Youngstown in Ohio, 7.30hrs drive from our place. this is as per the Google, Map prediction. But for us it will differ because we will take some breaks in between.

We stopped in Ohio, turnpike service plaza for dinner.

It looks so tempting isn't it !!! But we didn't enjoy much here, because lot of mosquito's, since we sat in an open area. After the mosquito bite dinner, got our energy back and started our journey again. We like to drive a lot in night time rather than day light. After 3 hours we reached the Hotel and slept nicely.

Saturday Morning, we planned to start from Youngstown at 6.30 am. Since we wanted to go for a early morning drive hearing 'Rudram" (slogam) in the background, to see the misty, foggy dark sky dawning into a clear, bright, blue sky . Unfortunately, everybody except me woke up very late (as always), so we started at 8 o' clock only. I thought we missed that morning drive :( God heard us and gave a big surprise !!!

We were speechless and felt extremely happy. Its almost 9.00 am and we saw misty cloud all over.  I started clicking everything. Once we entered Pennsylvania turnpike I thought we were in the midst of forest and mountains. Wherever you turn, you can see green all the way.


See its looking as if somebody sketched the whole place with green and blues. I loved it !!!

In my next post I will say where we were heading and what historic piece we saw... BYE BYE

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