Friday, June 25, 2010

Creative Work

Some more creative work
Paper crafts, easy way to add personal touch to our home. Put all your imaginations on the color paper, cut it paste it do as you like.  Let me show some of mine.

Paper Plant, rain or shine this plant will stay fresh for ever.

Colorful star shaped wall hanging.

Colorful sunflower on my door, to welcome all :)) Specially to welcome my in-laws, planning to visit US next month.

Having lots more color paper, many more are still to come. Will keep you posted.
I got all the inspiration from  Martha Stewart site. if you want some, check this URL :

Bye bye !!!


  1. How creative ...that's a lovely plant and the wonderful way to welcome anyone...liked ur template a lot too :)

  2. paper work is very lovely.looking very good.
    again same dialogue: thoongittu irundha singam mulichiruchu.....................


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