Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Holidays -- First long weekend trip

After our winter trip to Washington D.C, we didn't go any other long trip. We were waiting for our first summer weekend, May month end for a big trip. We have been planning so many days ahead for our Summer trip. We shortlisted many places...
  1. North Dakota
  2. Texas
  3. Circumventing lake Michigan 
  4. Green bay in Wisconsin .... List was going on and on !!!
At last our friend (Hope you all know, Sudharshun) suggested 'Pennsylvania' (called PA) and we all accepted it. From next day, Me and my Husband were browsing a lot and lot to shortlist the places where  to go and what to do in PA. My goodness PA is such a big state and we find it difficult to finalise the places.
My Husband and his friend love History a lot... They both wanted to go all the historical Battle field, museums, anything related to history. I hate History, mainly Museums :(( Somehow we finalised the places.

A week before we booked all the hotels and were waiting like kids for the weekend to come :))
Forgot to tell you, booking hotel. Oh, its such a pain. Have to check for good locality near the Highway, near to our next destination, the hotel should have all basic things, must be cheap, Internet should be fast, etc...This time we spent so many nights in search of hotel to get a good deal.

Now-a-days, I prepare a big list before we start off to any trip. This I am doing after my marriage only, before that my Amma, sister, and my Manni will take care of everything. (Oh, I m missing them). Here everything will ends in me, to avoid the 11th hour tension and to be little perfect I prepared the full list about the dresses we wear, things we carry like camera, I-pod, chargers, extra batteries, Printout of the hotel confirmation, Toiletry items, so many little things.

This time my Hubby was also very good. He took the maps of all the places. Also prepared a full schedule of our 3 days trip. We were planning to cover the whole PA state.  Hope you can understand what I am saying from the below map. If not, please write to me.

Here ends the introduction chapter, I will tell you more about our trip in the coming chapters.
Till then wait for me :)

Bye !!!

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