Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bournvita Milk Shake

This is one of my all time favorite.

I will do this more often at home, Shhhh...Its secret, because When I was young, I don't like to drink hot Bournvita daily in the morning. So I will let it cool in room temperature for about an hour and drink; otherwise I will keep in freezer for some minutes and drink. Many years later, I started to put same Bornvita in the mixer and whisk it and drink.

I am a Bournvita Girl :)

Ingredient :
*** Milk – 2 cups
*** Bournvita – 4 tbsp
*** Sugar – 3 tbsp
*** Vanilla Ice cream – 2 (Optional)

Method :
There is no much steps in this Milk shake at all. Just add all the Ingredient in the blender and give a whisk. If you are adding Ice cream add only half of it and reserve some for topping before serving.
No one can go wrong  in this.

A perfect chocolate Milk shake for the good summer.

I know Bournvita is not available in all places, so it can be very well replaced with coco powder, drinking chocolate, any coco related product. Adjust sweet in your milk shake according to your taste.

I am sending this to my great friend for the event 'Show me your smoothie'


  1. You can add little bit of instant coffee to get the real chocolate taste in your milkshake. try.

    Chander& Usha


  3. So true!!! Bournvitaz juz d purrfect drink!!!!
    Nd as a shake...yum!!!
    I ve tried dis as a kid n I luv it!!


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