Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Late one but cute one....

Yes, this post is a little late one yet a nice one. (too lazy to organise .....ha,ha,ha)
Though the topic sounds funny, I'm not going to bore you with my funny experiences :))

Want to share some Christmas celebration photos which we clicked Last month while traveling

Trinity Church, New york

Penn Station, New york
Near Ex-World trade Center Building
King Street, Alexandria (Virginia)
Inside a Candy Shop !
Vietnam War Memorial
Decorated with nice quotes and notes.

White House- President Obama வீடு
One who is lucky can see the tree behind the big Pillars
National Park (Washington D.C)
The best -- Fully decorated with so many thousands of LED lamps.
Smithsonian Museum Smithsonian Castle
Outside Washington D.C Capitol
Candlewood suites - எங்க பழைய வீடு :
Last but not least -- My small Tree :

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  1. hi
    X mas trees are too cute.but i cant able to see xmas tree in white house.


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