Friday, January 15, 2010

After a Month

Hi All,

I m opening by blog exactly after one month (bit ashamed !!!!)...... Lots and lots of matters are there to share with you all. Myself i m preparing a mini checklist to make sure that nothing is missed out. OK, will keep all aside for a moment....

"My hearty wishes for a Wonderful NEW YEAR "
This reminds me a filmy dialogue ... Late ஆனாலும் latest wishes சொல்றேன்.

I designed the above both cards.... Hope it is good :-))

Yes, this is the one reason why i didn't open the blog at all . I downloaded GIMP and started playing with that. (Of course, Have to spend at least sometime productively !!!). And we went to Washington D.C, New York in the Long Christmas weekend,I was not well for 2 days, etc..... Like this i m having Hundreds of reason to convince myself and yourself for not posting anything. what to do ??? Forget it....

From now onwards, as earlier you can expect a regular (also a bit improved) posts from me.... Once again wishing you all a Good and Happy New year....

Bye... See you soon !

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