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Galatta Kalyanam -- Part 2

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Hope you all enjoyed reading my Galatta Kalyanam Part -1, Achachoo innum padikalaya No problem, open this and read it now itself.

Here comes the next part ......

After our betrothal we didn't do much activities like how others did ..... hanging out, going to movie, park, beach blah, blah, blah ....... First of all we didn't had any time for all these things. As usual I was busy in my office work, running to all factories, chasing for the samples etc,etc,etc.
Also he got his ticket for Sunday's flight. We hardly had 4 days in between and in that we met only for 3 days. He just did pick up and drop. From office to Guindy and Guindy to office, not even to my home.
Then he left India a day before Diwali ..... Adhukaga naan onnum varutha padala. I went to my native place and celebrated well. (on behalf of him tooooooooooooooo). But i know he missed me.
From then we both started talking much over phone (Reliance India calling -- ivaralla rombave sambadhichitaan). Naanga onnum pudhusa pannala... Yellarum panninathey thaan naangalum follow panninom. We want to do something different... No other go so followed the same path.
Hey guys.... we also used Yahoo messenger. But not much as like phone. The timing was not more convenient for us, so used it when both of us were at home like Saturdays and Sundays. Also sometimes in mornings before starting to office. In that time we played some interesting games.
As the wedding day was nearing I become more restless. Its because i was running like headless chicken due to my office work. It was peak season time for us and daily i started coming very late from office. Had so much work pressure. Everybody in my home slowly started realising this. And they also started pressurising me to correct my habit of coming late. It so happened one day in our family (Saturday) we had a small get together at near by place at 8.30 and I was in a factory and started from there itself at 9'o clock and reached the party at 10.00. And you all can realise my situation there. That's the last day.... That night i decided to quit my job.

Nalla nal paarthu office-la paper kuduthutaen. Once i quit everybody - my friends and families also my in-laws were so happy(not my office). I still don't remember what was my feeling at that time. Also still thinking did I quit due to my office pressure or because of my home or ????? Anyways neither i would have continued my work after marriage as I am not in India now.

Naan inga ippadina, my sweet hubby suppose to return from his project after 3 months...But he didn't turn up at all :-( One one day he will tell us one date and a time about his return flight. Exactly a month before wedding he arrived India. The Sweet thing was, the day I want to leave Chennai, he arrived Chennai. What a coincidence ???? From then again for a month we were talking only through phone, appada indha time local call thaan.

Also we met couple of times in between. This time he took me for shopping, beach, a long drive.......

Hey forgot to tell about my gift..... A day before my Birth day, as soon as i entered office a received a parcel. Normally in our work we receive similar packages from our suppliers. They will send buttons, snaps etc. I thought its like that and asked my Junior to open it and check whats in. Surprise ..... He took a small pouch containing an Ipod in it. And our office attender said an anonymous person came drop this package and hurriedly went away. My God whole office started enquiring me about the package and the person. Oru adventure vaelai panni found out who brought it and who sent it. As you all guessed yes, My hubby only sent it from there. And one of his friend dropped it in my office.
----------------------------------- The End----------------------------------------------------Yennoda life-la oru periya decision-a correct-a yedhuthaen. Somehow God made me to realise this after my wedding. Though being at home is not good I am enjoying peace of mind and a very good life.
Bye all !!!! See you soon in my next blog.

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  1. கல்யாண கலாட்டா ரெம்ப நல்லா இர்ருக்கு .
    நீங்க job ஐ விட்டதால் என்க்கு என்ன பெனிபிட் தெரியுமா?

    இப்போ மேடம் கிட்ட கம்மியா திட்டு வாங்குறேன்.
    ரெம்ப பேச டைம் கிடைக்கிறது.


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