Friday, July 24, 2009

Galatta Kalyanam

Among the finest things in life, a good marriage is the most satisfying and rewarding, the deepest and best of pleasures to all. That blessed relationship uplifts, enriches, encourages and strengthens both husband and wife. Wedding is the start of something better than what we imagine.
I started writing this blog one month ago and i am not able to put this as one single blog, because i really enjoyed all the moments ever since i got fixed to my man... So what i m going to do is ????? (really not having any plan). May be i can split this blog and post it as 2-3 blogs, so that i can narrate all my experience !!!!!!! OK, this makes sense. Here we gooooooooooooooooooo

In this blog i will tell my experience till my betrothal, Why because this happened in between so many galattas. I still wonder why all things happened to me hurriedly as soon as my wedding got fixed. You all will realize the same at the end of this page. Hope ungalukke yenna paartha pavamnu thonum !!!! If so pls write it to me...

First time his (Yen Aathukarar) parents came to see us (Jadhaga porutham paarthutu), at that time we were in other function from there we came running.....
You all know in our culture always the girl should wear sari when anybody is coming to see like this. Best part here is I didn't had any sari ?? still i can take from my sister or my sister-in-law or my aunt but what about matching blouse, I hardly had 2 with me..... Went to my brother's house took all saris from the cupboard and selected one which matched to my blouse. My goodness after that only i looked the whole place and it was looking like big mess. Everywhere in the room all the clothes are lying in the floor. Took out some jewels and it is also fully scattered inside the room. But nobody can't do or say anything. The situation was like that, they informed us a day before only and we can't do any magic in one night .
Appada... some how we made it and they also impressed by me and us (Hope so !!!)
After my betrothal date got fixed grooms family invited my family (not me) for a pooja on Sunday.... They all started early morning @ 6'o clock. You know Sunday is the only day for us to sleep and to get up late....What i am trying to tell is..... Yes you are right. I am still in by bed.
Exactly at 8.15 morning, my mobile was ringing. My mom in other side................ She wants me to get ready within 20 min as grooms Uncle and Aunt are coming to give Nitchayadhartha sari to me, also added that they all started and on the way home. I said okay and thought better I get dressed up in nice Salwar to meet them. After 10 min again a call from my Uncle this time and he wants me to be in Sari.
God.., who meant all these rules to be in sari once a girl got engaged !!!!!!
Still i m in bed, confused a bit. Ran to my brother's house once again (Don't get panic his house is just in next street) Did the same thing as earlier, same mess up and again made a good day.............

After very few days, Betrothal date was fixed as 2nd Nov (they fixed the date as soon as we both agreed to be life partner). Suddenly one fine morning (16-Oct) we got a call from my in-law's house saying they want to pre-pone the date as their son (my sweet hubby) going to US for a project...... Exactly that day night we (our whole family) are going to go Kodaikannal for a family cum holiday trip. This even my in-law know. We neither want to cancel this trip nor say no to them. You all wonder why ???? because we will be back on Sunday Morning (19-Oct) from our Trip and Monday (20-Oct) is the function.
On 16-oct I had all the below things in my priority list :
  1. I had an allergy, Fixed up an appointment with a doctor in the morning.
  2. Have to go to tailor, to get stitched for my Betrothal sari. (this sari is always troubling me like anything)
  3. In my office, have to finish lot of work before i go for a long leave (3 days).
  4. Attend a meeting with our CEO from Germany, who is visiting our office that day
  5. Evening 8'o clock is my Train so have to be in station before that. (Yeenna always i will be starting at that time only from office)

I am restless don't know really what to do. God showed me some way to come out of the situation. My uncle took me to a tailor shop and requested them to stitch within 3 days. Normally in that place they will take minimum 15 days for stitching. Its one of the main and well known shop in Chennai. From there went to Doctor and took some medicine and there straight he dropped me in the office. Finished all my work and went to Egmore station on time.

Next three days i enjoyed a lot in Kodaikannal. Walked in the mist, touched the clouds, played in the rain .... Collected so many flowers and made cute bouquets. Those days are still Green in my thoughts.

Sunday morning we reached home.... All my family members are busy for the next day function. We went to the tailor shop to pick up the material... It was not fitting properly did some alteration and got them back. Went to some shops in T.nagar to purchase fruits and sweets.

And we were back only in the evening. And my sister put Mehandhi for me that night. Everything was happening in no time. All slept late night and next day all started early to complete all the pending work we had pertaining to the function. (Seriously i want to know what my hubby and my in-laws were doing at that time !!!!!! Because we were literally like headless chicken running here and there)

Clock is clicking and we all were waiting. We booked for a van to go, he didn't turn up at all. And also for our car we called a driver he also didn't come. Outside the rain was splashing.... My mom lost her cool... The function timing is at 6 pm and still we are on our way only...

Here main think i want to say about the Guindy Traffic. It is still horrible... You all know how the traffic will be in Chennai at 6 pm. As soon as we reached the place it was 6.30pm they didn't say anything (obviously they can't say anything....) and the function started with a nice pooja. I took a deep breathe again.

That's it my betrothal function ended nicely and my wedding date was fixed. You want to know when ????? After 4 1/2 months. I was bit happy. You can very well think why i am happy ....B'coz from now on i don't want to run as earlier. We can plan a little. And now we all come to know how to handle these kind of crisis.

As i said in the starting, everything was happening in the lost moment and also hurriedly. But in all the situations though i become restless i enjoyed a lot. This important event changed my life, not wholly but still made a big imapct !!! Want to know how.... keep reading my next blogs.

See you soon

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