Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Flying visit to Adler Planetarium

After visiting the Shedd aquarium me and my husband rushed to Adler planetarium

Hi all...its me again going to the planetarium and also you can see the front view of the planetarium (Jolly sapadu muttaiya yen aathukarar thookitu varaar)

The Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum in Chicago, was the first planetarium built in the western Hemisphere and is the oldest in existence today.

Honestly we didn't see anything much here......my personal opinion, Its too boring !!!! If you are interested in celestial bodies then sure it will be interesting.
And another main reason why it was not good (for us) - the planetarium closing time is 5 pm and we didn't had much time to explore everything so we just saw some selective things. (Kavalapadathinga adhu yenanu solluvean ... Ha ha ha).

Unfortunately we bought a pass called CITY PASS to see all these places.
Its a discount pass, with this we can see 5 places in the city, check the attached link for more details. http://www.citypass.com/city/chicago.html.
This pass was utter waste for us, the validity period is only 9 days and it was very difficult for us to cover all the places in the 2 weekends. We were able to cover only 3 places with that. Hope without the pass itself we would have enjoyed much.
My kind advice if you are going to visit places with the use of any pass, pls think twice before you buy it. (yenna ippo naan varuthapadrean).
And this pass will be very useful, if you are residing near the city.
Ok, now i will tell you what we saw and enjoyed inside the planetarium.
The museum is home to three full-size theaters, including the all-digital projection Definiti Space Theater, the Sky Theater which utilizes a Zeiss optical projector, and the Universe 3D Theater. It is also home to one of the world's most important antique instrument collections.

Sky theater experience is an exploration of the wonders of the clear night sky projected on the dome of Adler's historic Zeiss planetarium theater.This was quite good...we had and unique experience. They were showing about the African people.
Its called Sky watchers of Africa -- is a fascinating exploration of Africa and the cultural uses of the sky that developed over thousands of years. The show highlights the diversity of African cultural astronomy and celebrates our shared human experience.
Since the beginning of time, the people of Africa have used their knowledge of the sky to meet their physical needs for survival, build their societies and shape their spiritual lives.

Gemini 12 spacecraft - The fully-restored Gemini 12 spacecraft, flown by Captain Lovell and Buzz Aldrin in 1966, is the centerpiece of a dynamic presentation celebrating the Gemini 12 mission and America's race to the Moon.

Telescopes --Also we saw different kinds of telescope used in ancient days to the present updated model.
I liked all the olden days telescope which is having very nice artistic work on it, where as the present days ones are moulded plastic, in grey and black colour. Since we didn't had time we just glanced and went

The city view from the planetarium was good. You can see all the buildings competing each other and trying to touch the sky

Apart from this, in the Adler planetarium so many events like marriages, birthday parties etc are also entertained. One should book in prior.
For more information check this link http://www.adlerplanetarium.org/private/index.shtml

That's it ,we saw in the planetarium.... If anyone of you explored much here, pls write it to me.

Await your comments !!!


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