Friday, July 9, 2010

Weekend Hikes - Fort Sheridan, Half Day park

A couple of week ago, me and my husband went for hiking trial.
Hurray, back on track !

Saturday --It was nice sunny day. We both woke up early morning 9 o' clock and planned to go for a walk. Went to a forest preserve park, few miles away from our place. The place is called 'Halfday preserve'.

Its one of the wonderful place which we saw near our place. We both walked in the midst of tall dense  trees, sun rays were peeking in between the leaves and branches. On top of it, the trail path had many short curves on its way. The scenery was beautiful. It looked like a picture painting on the wall with wonderful colors.

Though the temperature was 82 + Fahrenheit we didn't felt the heat inside the forest. But lots and lots of mosquitoes. Unfortunately we didn't have any mosquito repellent, so some of them took our blood samples.
I Forgot to take the camera, so photos are missing. Wish I will go once again and take the pictures.

Sunday evening we went to Fort Sheridan, it was former army base which was established in 1800 and was officially closed in 1993.
When we started my husband didn't tell me much about the geography of this place, as usual he was talking the history only. Once we parked the car I saw a nice view and started jumping and running. Wait wait let me show you what i saw there.

Tell me who will not excited to go to beach :) This place has a small 0.75 mile beach

Enjoyed a lot :) After clicking some nice photos I put the camera in my pocket, within a second it fell into the water : ( Oh yeah, its a sad part. Luckily nothing big damage occured to my camera. Somehow managed and took few more clicks.
Apart from the beach this place also have hiking trails. On our way we saw the old parade ground, fort and a big bird's nest, etc.

We both had a great time. Enjoyed the weekend nicely :)
Share your experience with me... Bye

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